ZKTECO lite web-based security platform ZKBio Access IVS

Expected dispatch on : 0July 27 - 28
Part No ZKBio Access IVS

Reliable access control logic
Standard Anti-passback, Interlock, Linkage functions
Supports most ZKTeco’s access control terminals
Automatic alarm notification
Door status real-time monitoring
User-friendly for one-click operation
Supports expansion board for more applications
Flexible shift scheduling
Set attendance by area or by different person
Web-based attendance module suitable for multiple locations
Supports multiple devices to be the attendance point
Facial recognition records as Attendance data
Automatic attendance report emailed to administrator
Reliable Video Management System with real-time view, playback, recoding, etc.
Powered by Artificial Intelligence, providing different functions related to facial recognition, such as: allowlist, blocklist control, face searching, people tracking, etc.
Configure video device alarm linkage
Intelligent Global-Linkage between Video and Access/ Time & Attendance
Supports the latest Body Temperature & Mask Detection Terminals
Provides responsive, intuitive, user-friendly web application for body temperature screening in secure areas
Various analysis report formats



ZKTECO lite web-based security platform ZKBio Access IVS

ZKBio Access IVS is a lite web-based security platform developed by ZKTeco, which supports most ZKTeco Hardware. It provides abundant functionality that fulfills management requirements of small- to medium-sized businesses: Personnel Management, Access Control, Attendance Management, Video Surveillance, Temperature Detection and Management, System Management.

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More Information
Part No ZKBio Access IVS
Country of Manufacture China
Brand ZKTeco


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